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  • ACAC Compressor Clutch



    Salvage Used AC Compressor Clutch


    For proving energy to the AC compressor, a belt will be attached to the engine and it will spin constantly when it will be energized according to the requirement. When you sent the temperature of the AC system, the difference in the temperature will be monitored by the automated system and the electromagnetic coil of the belt rotor will be turned on and will produce magnetic field.

    Once the electromagnetic coil is turned on then it will rotate the rotor of the AC compressor system making it to maintain the temperature of the AC system. To maintain the temperature of the AC system in your vehicle, AC Compressor Clutch system needs to be maintained properly. The AC Compressor Clutch Assembly is a component of the AC Compressor and is used to control when the clutch actually engages or not. No compressor runs indefinitely unless the temperature in the car can not be reduced the the level set by the temperature control head. In this case it would be a defect and could actually ruin the compressor or greatly reduce its life span