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used auto parts

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  • EngineEngine

    Used Engine

    We can find a Used Engine with low miles for any Car or Truck on the road! You no longer have to call around from one Junkyard to the next. We send your request out to all your Local Junkyards and Junkyards Nationwide that are in our network. They will check their inventory. The vendors that have the engine will contact you with pricing. You are under no obligation to purchase from any of them. This can help you get a competitive price and warranty. Please enter your vehicle's year, make and model above to get started or call 1-336-506-7449

    Salvage Engines or Used Engines for sale

    The core part of any engine is the cylinders. Each cylinder will have a separate piston that will move up and down. With an engine that has more than one cylinder, the cylinder is arranged in one of these ways most of the time, Inline, V or flat. Most Cars on the road today have a 4 cylinder gas engine, Some cars have four, six, eight, and their is a few modern vehicles that even have ten and twelve cylinders. Most of your smaller trucks will either have a 4 or 6 cylinder. The mid size trucks usually come equipped with a 6 or 8 cylinder gas engine. The full size trucks will come with either a 8 cylinder most of the time but few do come stock with a v6 engine. A lot of the larger trucks today have Diesel engines. Any vehicles engine is the major part that is connected to the transmission in your vehicle. Always remember to keep check on your cars temperature because if you overheat the engine it can heavily damage or completely ruin the engine. The life of an engine is keeping the Oil changed. Also remember to change your timing belt when recommended.