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Salvage Parts Guide

Please browse through our used auto parts guide to help you learn more about the auto parts that you are needing. Once you click on a part below it will show an image of the car part and also have a brief description telling you what the car or truck part is used for. All images are for reference only. In most cases the images of the salvage auto part will not be for your particular vehicle. These images are just for reference only to give you an idea of what your salvage auto parts may look like.


Arm-Front Lower - is used to fix the suspension to the frame. They help in maintained proper balancing for your vehicle. You need to place a bushing between the arms to prevent direct contact between the arms.

Arm-Front Upper - Maintaining the vehicle ride on a bumpy road and terrains will be tedious without installation of proper Arm Front – Lower. Enjoy a smooth ride in your vehicle with the installation of these control arms.

AC Accumulator - For maintaining the life of your AC, your Ac accumulator needs to be maintained properly. If you feel that your AC chilliness is reduced or there is any chance of moisture entry into the compressor then it will be better to replace the AC accumulator once in few days. Once you open the system, it will be better to replace the AC accumulator.

AC Assembly - Consists of all the necessary parts for maintaining the temperature to keep you cool in your vehicle. If the AC assembly is not maintained properly, the temperature inside the vehicle will not be under your control and the compressor may make heavy noise and fail along with other parts in the system.

AC Blower Motor - For maintaining the temperature in your vehicle, you need to maintain the AC blower motor in a good condition. If your blower motor has any problem change it immediately or else there is chances that your AC system will get spoiled.

AC Compressor - is a vital part in your AC system as it plays a major role in the cooling process of your AC system. It pumps the coolant to the condenser and maintains the temperature by rotating the cycle. The speed of the compressor is the main factor considered to maintain the chilliness of the system.

AC Compressor Bracket -

AC Compressor Clutch - The electromagnetic coil of the belt rotor will be engaged once it is energized and the compressor rotor clutch assembly will be rotated along with it making the compressor run to maintain the temperature.

AC Condenser - For maintain the chilliness in your vehicle through the AC system, the AC Condenser need to be maintained in a good condition. The condenser system cools the hot gases released from the compressor and will circulate the hot gases to evaporator.

AC Condenser Fan - For maintaining the temperature of the hot gases flowing into the condenser from the compressor system, the AC Condenser Fan is used. It will blow fresh air onto the tubes of the condenser system where hot air will be cooled. The condenser and fan can be found in front of the big radiator of your vehicle.

AC Controls - How will it feel if you have an excellent AC system installed in your vehicle, but you are not able to operate it as the AC Controls is not working properly? As the entire control of the AC system will be dependent on this part, you need to replace the faulty one immediately.

AC Evaporator - To maintain the temperature in the interiors of your car, the evaporator will absorb the heat from the interiors of the car and cools it. The moisture collected will be settled in the sides of the fins of the evaporator. This will be leaked from the fins through the hose pipe connected to it. Improper function will lead to settling of hot gases in the interiors of your vehicle.