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  • TransmissionTransmission

    Salvage Car and Truck Transmissions

    Automobile transmissions come in automatic and standard. Some of the standard transmissions will have 4 gears, some with 5 and some with even a 6 speed transmission. If you do not know the difference between an automatic and a standard transmission the best way to describe it to you is that the standard transmission uses a clutch pedal and you have to change the gears manually. If your car has an automatic transmission then you do not have to change any gears at all unless you decide to back up and need to use reverse but moving forward you will have a gear box that will change the gears automatically for you. the automatic transmission is much more complicated than a standard transmission because everything has to work perfect such as electrical components and computer controls and other mechanical parts that have to work smoothly for the automatic transmission to work correctly. Fill out the request form above and let us find the transmission you need. You can now place a part request from your mobile phone or call 336-506-7449 for an immediate connection with Empire City Auto Parts

    Finding Used Transmissions from Local Yards

    Find the transmission you need quick and easy by filling out the part request form. Your request will be sent out to all the Junkyards in our network and you will be contacted by all the vendors that has the transmission you need. You will get multiple quotes. Some may have more mileage than others. Some may have a better warranty. You can evaluate the information that you are sent and make a decision on what works best for you. However, you are not under any obligation to purchase the transmission from any of them. We hope that one of our vendors will be able to sell you a transmission. Give it a try. I think you will be glad that you did.